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Okay ... Lets have a look at food ... really... if you want to go completely organic, be prepared to wash everything very well. That includes cantaloupe or honey dew, watermellon etc before you cut it. Most organic foods are fertilized with "natural" manures. Natural manures can and often do contain ecoli. If you don't go organic, you need to wash things very well because of pestisides, and ecoli free, but chemical made fertilizers. Lets see ... that means we get to chose natural, and possibly dangerous bacteria, or not so natural and possibly dangerous chemicals. Keep in mind that all things natural are not safe either. Make cherry leaf tea, and you have cyanide. Eat too many apple seeds, peach seeds, or plum seeds and you can do yourself some serious harm. And really ... it's natural <_<

In my opinion there is no garenteed safe food, even if you pick it up natural on top of a mountain, such as blueberries ... ah yes, wild animals carry gyardia (sp) etc. as well and are not fussy where they dump. Fresh water out of a mountain stream .. nope, gotta boil it.

Okay, my point is, yes, we have to be extremely careful of gluten containing foods, some of dairy, nuts etc. Our diets are extremely limited by disease and allergys ... should we be scaring the hell out of ourselves about such things as wax on apples, (I've been around many orchards and fruit storage, and have never heard of them being injected with dyes), and whether or not it's oraganic.

Okay, excuse the sarcastic part of me. I'm just all for using some common sense here. :rolleyes:

Eaxclty. IMO this 'orangic' craze is a scam... sure I would like to see my foods processed less, and have less ingredients, but all natural deos not mean its smart or even safe. Nor does "unprocessed".

I grow my one veggies, and I can tell by taste fresh food from what you get in the store, most ppl can. If you want cheap year round veggies, you have to give up the concept of "fresh". I doubt there are many ppl left that think veggies in a supermarket are farm fresh.

The venom of a water moccassoin is all natural, I guess we should inject everone with it... after all tis ORANGIC! :D:lol:

I know thats an unpopular opinion here, but just hop in line behind the sugar mafia, McDonalds fan club, and others to come after me. :D You might be in line a while though..... :lol:

- Vincent -

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Having grown up in NY apple country I can tell you that it is totally normal for certain apples to have pinkish or reddish tint on the flesh even after you peel them - What looks like dye that's bled through is just pigment.

That's not to say that there aren't apples that are died (I wouldn't be surprised if there were). But I wouldn't assume that's the case.

Just my $.02

I know what you mean, I've seen that for years, too. It's not like I've never eaten apples before! This was totally different from anything I've ever seen. This wasn's pinkish or reddish, it was screaming neon candy-apple red in splotches--it looked almost like poster paint.

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Ooh, yum! I have eaten apples fresh from the tree at my grandma's that were bright red all the way through, those were the sweetest! Grandma said they were worthless as pie/canning apples because they were too sweet, so us kids got to eat all we wanted of them.


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you." Numbers 6:24-25

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