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Going Crazy - Help Me Find The Gluten

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Pet store chains sell Eucanuba which I used for my dogs before, well their gone now. Other brands are lamb & rice based. It's better for the dogs anyway. When a dog has a tummy ache they go outside and eat grass so they can throw up. So, why would a dog food company put wheat (grass) in the food? Convenience, but it is not good for dogs.

I got glutenized on a salad just by being in a pizza restaurant so, wafting through the air is a real possiblity.

Flour seems to hang in the air ... if I have a tea at Panera Bread, I always ask for a ceramic mug and wipe it out first for this very reason. I don't think dog food would do this. My birds make huge messes and I don't have a problem (their food has gluten). but with a dog, he'll get it on his paws, and track it around the house.

But, I agree, dogs don't need wheat.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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