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Seasons 52

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I ate at the location in Orlando in Jan., a week before my biopsy so I was eating gluten. The food was wonderful and I knew they had gluten-free options that the servers had on their pda's. Well our location finally opened near Perimeter Mall in Atlanta two weeks ago. We went last night and even though their pds system was down, I was able to order with the help of the server who consulted with the chef and my meal was very good and I was not glutened. However, the nuts on my salad were suspect as they looked just like they were coated in a flour/sugar mixture and the server thought it should be investigated - back the salad went as no one knew what was on the candied walnuts......then my entree was called Cedar Plank Salmon but had grill marks.....the server explained that due to cc issues they had to grill the fish..... None of the apps were okay and same goes for most soups and sauces. So my question is, and I apologize that I don't remember who told me they dine gluten-free at the Orlando location frequently, hence my excitement over them opening here.......if you eat gluten free at any Seasons 52 location - what do you eat? I can get plain fish and meat anywhere. They didn't even have a choc. mouse or creme brulee for dessert....I was so dissappointed and am wondering if different locales have different options for gluten-free meals.

Dx'd with anemia - March 2005

Positive blood tests - Sept. 2005

Positive biopsy - Jan. 2006

Gluten free since 1-23-06

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