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Wade L

Gluten Free Menu In Montana

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I know I may be breaking the rules by posting here, but please understand that I'm just trying to help people and I won't plug my restaurant here again if I upset people.

I have emailed several celiac support groups in Montana multiple times in regards to me serving gluten free meals at my restaurant, and I have never heard back from anyone, so I am trying this forum. I have been reading this website for personal use for a year or two now.

I am a celiac, and have a 3 year old son with potential celiac and DH, (he was tested last week-just waitng for the results)

I have a degree in culinary arts and being a celiac, I needed to create tasty food because I am bored with food.

I have been serving gluten free pizza's and desserts for a year now, and I'm substituting gluten-free flours in wheat recipes on some of our current menu items.

I run dinner specials along with pizza's on Wednesday and Friday evenings, such as Shrimp Alfredo, Thai Chicken Kebabs, Enchilada's, and so on. The pizza's and desserts are selling very well to non-celiacs too, but I would like to draw in larger crowds of Celiacs and get there input on my food offerings.

I am very close to having a clubfoot (sandwich) bun created, but I want taste testers to tell me what they think. I prefer the taste of good french bread just like most other celiacs, so I want something tasty that will bring great satisfaction.

For those of you who don't know of Staggering Ox please check out our website listed below. There is no mention of gluten free items on the web page yet. I wanted to have an awesome well tested bun created

first since we are a sandwich shop.

I am willing to create a larger gluten-free menu, but I need gluten-free customer support and taste testers.

If you live in the Helena area, please email me and I will get back to ya.



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