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You're Know You're A Celiac If...

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You can´t marry some one you can´t fart in front front of.

OH Debbie, that was sooo funny and soooo true!!!


Diagnosed by biopsy with DH August 2005

Diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism December 2005

Diagnosed by biopsy with Celiac July 2006

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- you can list at least ten different places where you've thrown up

- you can direct your friend, by cellphone, from Splash Mountain to the nearest unoccupied toilet, though you've not been to disneyland in five years

-you have ever seriously considered the question "is it worse to clean vomit or poo off the bathroom floor?"

- bowel movements have reduced you to tears - both happy and sad

- you have a favorite rest room at the mall

-you have ever been late for work because you had to use the toilet

- you have reluctantly decided against purchasing the only pair of jeans on the planet that actually fit you, because they have a hopelessly impractical button fly

- you have considered buying above pair of jeans, and paying someone to fit them with a proper fly

- your friends joke about your "rest room radar"

-your date-activity of choice is the coffee. . .because watching you comb the menu for an edible entree will send him screaming for the hills, drinks are almost as complicated as dinner, and the movie theatre is a semi-toxic environment with all of that popcorn dust

- you actually lose weight when you go home for the holidays

- you have at least one close friend whom you bonded with over colonoscopy reminiscences

-your contribution to the party buffet table comes in two dishes - the one for the buffet and the one you plan on eating, which is usually in your pocket or purse

- you read the ingredients on laundry soap, deoderant, makeup, shampoo and sunscreen. . .as well as on plant food, fertilizer, and pantyhose. . .and you automatically boycott all products that don't include complete ingerdients on their packaging

- you know what Stablizer E471 is. . .along with a thousand other chemical additives

- you have concrete, personal, medical reasons for being anti-GMO

- you have started to worry that the produce containers at your grocery store are biodegradeable. . .and therefore no longer gluten-free

- you have ever considered learning a new language so you could eat on vacation

- your coworkers think you are insane because you have asked them to lick your stamps

Enough for now?

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- you actually lose weight when you go home for the holidays

YES!!!! Because you're scared to eat anything other than fresh fruit and lettuce....how true!

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...you won't eat the gluten-free bread in your gluten-free airline meal because there's no ingredient list on it.

...you've mastered the art of saying "oh, that's so sweet, but no thank you."

...under normal circumstances, the words "free samples" mean nothing to you.

...you pack a bag of food for a trip to the mall.

...one file drawer at work is just for food.

...you over-tip restaurant servers who "get it."

...you hate the phrase "modified food starch"

...there's a bowl of leftover halloween candy at work, and you don't even bother to dig through it.

...you eat dinner before you go to a dinner party.

...you've ever been so excited to find a gluten-free version of something you haven't had in years that you buy it and take it home... and only when you put it in the pantry do you realize you never actually liked the original stuff in the first place!

no wheat, no corn since 2002 (except the occasional accidental exposure)

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...you add a post just to keep this thread bookmarked

...that you keep a thread like this bookmarked because when you return, you know it will make you smile or laugh!

Gluten-free after trying unsuccessfully and falling off wagon and becoming so sick--this is when the docs found the Hashimoto's, 2003. I have not eaten gluten willingly since then, until January, 2013. Past GI symptoms, delayed DH rash, biopsies on both have been negative, as well as IgE (all tests performed while not willingly consuming gluten). GERD dx in 2007, citric acid is worst offender. Mushrooms (the regular kind, that is) cause GI symptoms along with occasional rash (different than DH, the red dot kind) and I now wonder how many times I got sick from mushrooms and thought it was gluten contamination.

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...You have a panic attack at the store because you walked down the flour aisle only to find a bag has broken open...OH NO!

...Now you hold your breath on that aisle and the bread aisle...just in case...

...Your dog has learned that "give momma kisses" means to lick the air near your face

Anyone know of some gluten-free dog food? I currently use Diamond Brand Lamb Meal and Rice, which used to be gluten-free...then all of the sudden stopped with no known reason!!! My dog still likes it just the same...but I DONT!

Oh and when your dog used to be gluten-free...

...You get mad when someone gives the gluten-free pets a NON gluten-free treat!

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you know when you travel many miles to go visit a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or other store because you heard of the baked items they carry :)

you get excited when you find a store-bought cookie which is not only soft but doesn't taste like card board.

you shop at Wegmans and can proudly show your friends the little yellow circle with the "G" on the store products which are gluten free. You have to reassure that you can eat the jelly you bought or that really good raspberry salad dressing since it is usually 100 questions.

you are used to the looks you get at work when you make wraps and people question the tortilia....

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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hahahah... :lol:

my daughter has been a celiac for two weeks so i can relate

I can't think of anything... I've only been a certified Celiac for three days now. :(

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:D When you go into a walmart store and find pure maple syrup or anything gluten free and the price went down three or so dollars, compared to trader joes or whole foods ( whole paycheck)Now even safway is carring organic and more gluten free items. i only been a diagnosed celiac for 3 months. There is light at the end on the tunnel ha ha ;):rolleyes: i am still trying to find my way around this board, but its great.


Diagnosed Celiac Sprue Disease August, 02, 2006

Blood test, No Biopsy

IgA off the scale 44 now 3

IgG 56

(tTG) IgA 25 now 2

(tTG) IgG 1 now 1

now border line low iron 10

Gluten Free since August, 02, 2007

Diagnosed with Osteoporosis November 2006

As of Jan 2007 all numbers looking good

As of Feb 2007 no more Pork, having Allergic reactions

Lactose Intolerence

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This thread is funny enough that I read every post - though it's so long.

- When your nickname is "La Cubeta" "The Toilet"

- Whenever you exit a room quickly your friends smirk and say, don't worry she's just going to the rest room.

- When you actually go to use public toilets in your office building rather than using the toilets in you office room (to avoid the smell and anyone hearing you throwing up).

- When you know where every toilet is along your bike and running routes (and when you go faster than usual, your friends just know it's cause you have to find that next toilet urgently)...

- When you ultimate pleasure is reaching the toilet just in the nick of time...

- When toilet humor is your forte!!!

- When you scratch more than a squirrel after eating anything containing gluten..



Aussie living in Philippines, Manager, Triathlete, Mum to 2 dogs, 2 cats & fish


Hypothyroid, diag. 2000, desicated thryoid 3 grains + T4 50 mcg.

Pituitary adenoma, 2002 - no treatment (no followup yet)

Polycystic, 2000 - no treatment

IBD by biopsy - end 2006 (cause not investigated)

Suspected Gluten intolerant/celiac - not diagnosed

Gluten Free - start Dec 06 (big improvement in tummy troubles, though still not 100%..)

Allergies suspected to Rice, Mango, Chicken, some fish (though testing)... still trying to work it all out.

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