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Anyone Been To Gulfport Ms

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I am traveling to Gulfport MS. Is anyone familiar with local grocery stores or health food stores for both celiac and soy/dairy allergic refluxer?


Diagnosed Fibromyalgia March 2007

Mom to Katharine, 5 years old diagnosed Celiac Disease Sept 2006

Peanut allergy

Michael 3 years old diagnosed infant reflux at 6 weeks

Dairy Soy allergy until 22 months

Neg blood tests and biopsy Feb 2008

Positive gluten-free dietary response

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

Margaret Thatcher

Fall down seven times stand up eight.

"I've decided that after air, water, and dirt, the next most common substance on the planet must be gluten!"

Toni Nolte, Overland Park, Kansas

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I have not traveled to Gulfport since diagnosis last December, but there is a large diagnosed Celiac population in that area! I know that they used to have a couple of very active Celiac-support groups. I say used to because I don't know what's still in place or rebuilt in the way of support groups post-Katrina.

A quick Google search turned this up


Do a little Google digging and contact some of these folks. I think your chances of a successful (healthy) trip are excellent.

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