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Deb O (UK)

Meringue Bombe

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My sister-in-law very kindly made this for us when we went to visit her a couple of weeks ago:


4oz meringue nests

10oz double cream

5oz single cream

8oz raspberries

3tbsp icing sugar

Puree raspberries with icing sugar

Pass through a sieve

Crush meringues

Whip the two creams together until they form soft peaks

Fold meringues into the cream

Fold in half of the puree gently

Freeze in 1½pt basin

Serve with remaining puree


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Is a 'meringue nest' something you buy at the store?

Well yes, here in the UK. Sorry, it's easy to just assume that all ingredients that we're familiar with are available everywhere .

it's just ready-made meringue (egg whites and sugar) which is then crushed.

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