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Online Article From The Gourmet Retailer

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Wow! Thanks for posting. What I think this means is that once regulations are in place for labeling gluten free food, some of the main food companies will want to get in the gluten free food game because they want every penny out of every consumer they can get. There are many companies (P&G) that think gluten free is a flash in the pan and therefore won't be jumping on the gluten free train but when the numbers of gluten free consumers just keeps growing year after year, smart forward thinking companies will tap into our market.

There is no company that I despise more than Walmart but in 2005 someone wrote and article about them and gluten free products and it was posted on this site. I'm not going to look it up but basically it said that Walmart has over 900 items in their store marked gluten free. They know the gluten free market is going to explode because they pay people a lot of money to figure these things out. They are the greediest company around and even if there are only a million of us, they want our money. Of course, Dr. Rudert stated that GIG's estimate of gluten free people in the US is around 4.5 million if you count those with gluten intolerance, Celiac disease and severe wheat allergies. When I have the opportunity to educate people about Celiac disease many times they ask if the gluten free diet is like Atkins or something. I explain that it's not because we are not going away like that fad did. Once people realize the gluten free diet isn't a weight loss program eventually companies will come around.

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