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Amino Acid Testing-vitamin Deficiencies-celiac

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Oh, THIS was a good day with the medical field...( sorry had to vent a little) ,

In testing for celiac, I also asked to be tested for amino acids and vitamins.

Well, as I thought I was deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, and B12 ( by European standards). With that I was deficient in the amino acids , phosphoserine and threonine.

After visiting the gastroenterologist last week, he states " you're FINE!" yOU DO NOT HAVE CELIAC, THE TESTS WERE NORMAL. ( I remark that I had started back on gluten and I am having once again great pain inmy abdominal area.) Oh, NO... you are constipated. ( How can I be constipated if all that comes out is bright yellow liquid?) You need to take tablespoons of wheat bran each day"( I look at him in amazement, and say, I am ALREADY feeling quite sick with just a little gluten!??) No, no, take the wheat bran ...we won't even go into what happened to me the following week- I did nOT take the bran, only added some wheat to my diet , and HORROR!

I demanded tests...when they saw the results, here's the advise given:

My internist told me that "I had more time than he, and that I should look into it; AND by the way, I honestly do not know about amino acids and I know of no doctors who do"...on to the neurologist...

...her nurse told me that the doctor believes that whenever you test as many things as those, you are bound to have a few highs and lows and it's nothing. These two low acid values have NOTHING to do with my immense collection of neurological symptoms ( have they read any medical books on these two acids?)....to the rheumatologist,

"oh, you look GREAT! Just the D is a little low 25 ( 32+ is normal) ...nothing to worry about.

And the magnesium, you may want to take SOME."..


I REALLY need to find out how to get in touch with a doctor very well versed in enzymes and amino acids!

has anyone else here has amino acid problems? How did you figure out the underlying cause and how much to take? Thanks again,


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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I have NOOOOOO idea of course....but just wanted to chime in and say it definately sounds like it's time to make a switch of Drs. I've learned in dealing with our infertility even that you so often have to be your own advocate. And I refuse...REFUSE to go to a Dr. that treats me like that and would even think to say things like 'you have more time YOU research it'!!!! I'm just amazed at how rude and insensitive people can be!!!! Hoping you find the right Dr. soon!!!!!! :(

Mel, 28 and Husband 29

Being 'tested' for gluten intolerance with gluten-free diet

Mom also has numerous problems with this type stuff-

they think she has crohns and she's being tested.

DRs think I may also have adrenal fatigue

Been treated for moderate/severe depression for last few years

Diagnosed this year with Sleep apnea (I sleep with a cpap every night).

Married 5+ years

Primary Infertility (severe male factor) "ttc" for 3+ years

Never been preg and only 2% chance of natural conception

Looking into international adoption

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I see a dr in Missouri who does testing for both.

Negative biopsy for celiac 1980

Fibromyalgia 1980

IBS 1980

Interstitial Cystitis 1992

Systemic yeast

Diagnosed w/ Chronic Lyme Disease 2000

Diagnosed w/ Chronic babesia 2000

Tachycardia 2001

Asthma 2005

Have had Lyme and babesia for

about 48 yrs.

Began gluten-free July 19 '06

Native TEXAN living in Missouri

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