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Hotel In Ft. Lauderdale?

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Hi all...I intend to post this topic on a travel type bulletin board as well, but thought I'd ask here too. I'll be going on a cruise in December which leaves out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We intend to fly in the day before the cruise leaves, so basically just need a nice, safe place to stay the night before. I've already faxed a letter to the cruise line for my gluten-free requirements, so that's covered. Gluten-free isn't really a huge concern at the hotel for me since I'll most likely be bringing a lot of my own snacks and stuff, but would probably be eating breakfast at the hotel--but my own snacks would certain hold me over until I get on the ship. The following are a list of places that I've seen on other bulletin boards as being nice and in decent areas and close (or close enough) to the cruise port:

The Riverside on Los Olas

Pier 66

Marriot Harbor Beach

Westin Diplomat Resort

The Renaissance


(Marriott Marina and Embassy Suites were mentioned, but I couldn't find anything available for when we'll be there)

They all seem to be in the same basic price range (pricey IMHO, but it's only one night and my friend and I will split the cost). Comments or other suggestions? We aren't pool or spa people and won't really be there long enough to enjoy things like that anyway...really just sleeping/showering there, lol.

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