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Kc Masterpiece Restaurant - In Kansas City Area

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Yesterday I had take out from KC Masterpiece Restaurant - in Overland Park, Kansas (on the Kansas side of the Kansas City, Mo. area). I would have reacted by now (noon the next day) so I am confident that I did not get glutened (or corned) from the meal.

I called ahead and talked to the kitchen manager about what would be safe and decided to have plain sliced smoked brisket, plain baked potato and steamed broccoli. They put a rub on the brisket before cooking but don't baste with any sauce. - I did not react to the meat rub (I didn't ask what is in it - probably should have but took the risk anyway). They wrap their potatoes in foil before baking so I asked that they not cut the top of the potato, and asked that they put no seasoning or butter or anything on the broccoli.

The woman who took my order was very nice and seemed to understand the precautions I needed to take. It went very well and I am so glad to have someplace I feel safe eating at where I don't have to ask them to clean a grill, etc. before I can eat their meat.

If I were eating in the restaurant rather than doing takeout, I would have ordered the same way and brought my own margarine and sea salt* for the potato. Since this time I was bringing the meal home, I added some sauteed onions.

I'm also corn-intolerant and since I've had no reaction to the meal I feel certain there's no corn derivatives in the meat rub. (The bottled sauce does have corn syrup so it is a no-no for me).

*idonized table salt contains corn derivatives so I only use sea salt (or Kosher salt)


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other sensitivities: corn, eggs, soy, potato, tapioca


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I ate there about 6 months ago and also had a good experience. The staff seemed interested in my needs.


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