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The Office?

I love that show. Just wondering if the rest of you watch it.

I love that show! I don't watch it that much though....don't ask my why I haven't added it to my list of automatic records on the DVR!


Casein free since June 2006.

Gluten free since August 2006

Egg and Soy free since October 2006.

Diagnosis of IBS May 2006.

Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia September 2006.

Negative biopsy and blood tests.

EnterLab results:

Gluten intolerance

Egg intolerance

Soy intolerance

HLA-DQ 2,1 (Subtype 2,5) which means I have one celiac gene and one sensitivity gene.

Mother of three special boys. (and not just because of their dx's)

Married 13 years to a guy who wishes we weren't all so "special!"

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I really enjoyed the British version! When the US version started, I wasn't too keen on it, because it was pretty much just a copy of the original, but it's developed into a really good show now. :)


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Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

I am SO impressed that the US version is as good as it is. We have a knack for ruining things, but I love both versions for different reasons. Steve Carrell is hilarious.

Courtney - 25

Columbia, SC

Gluten-free since July 8, 2006

Casein-free since October 16, 2006

Went six weeks, and fell back into a deliciously painful world of cheese.

Casein-free (again and for serious this time) December 11, 2006

Stupid cheese addiction....2/07

Dx Hypothyroid in 1993

Dx Gluten & Casein Sensitive through Enterolab 10/06

Dx Adrenal *Exhaustion* 2/07

Originally from WI, I am still in denial over my newfound casein intolerance. I fear I will not be allowed back into the state if I can no longer eat cheese and drink milk. This could pose some trouble over holidays when I wish to visit my family. It also poses a problem involving the severe rage I feel when I have to throw away somebody's unfinished cheese sticks. That is so wrong.

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I know.

I was obsessed with the British version (and love Ricky Gervais' show Extras on HBO)...but now really love the American version, too. Tonight's episode is supposed to be pretty fun (The temp guy who took Jim's spot is goin g on his first sales call with Dwight...) :D


Positive TTG 9/05

Positive endoscopy 9/05

Doing well with "Sprue"

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LOVE it!!

I love the whole Thurs. night lineup.

My Name is Earl

The Office

Grey's Anatomy

My weekly favs!!!


Living in the beautiful Ozark mountains in Arkansas

positive blood tests and later, positive biopsy

diagnosed 8/5/02, gluten-free (after lots of mistakes!) since that day

Dairy free since July 2010 and NOT happy about it!!

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