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Case of the Month

Reversible inflammatory and vacuolar myopathy with vitamin E deficiency in celiac disease

Kleopas A. Kleopa, MD, Kyriacos Kyriacou, PhD, Eleni Zamba-Papanicolaou, MD, Theodoros Kyriakides, FRCP

Department of Clinical Neurosciences,

Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics,

P.O. Box 23462, Nicosia, Cyprus

Department of Electron Microscopy and Molecular Pathology, Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Nicosia, Cyprus

email: Theodoros Kyriakides (theodore@cing.ac.cy)

*Correspondence to Theodoros Kyriakides, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, P.O. Box 23462, Nicosia, Cyprus



anti-gliadin antibodies • ataxia • gluten enteropathy • inclusion-body myopathy • malabsorption • neuropathy


We report a patient with late-onset celiac disease and neurological manifestations including myopathy, polyneuropathy, and ataxia.

Laboratory investigations showed anti-gliadin antibodies and severe vitamin E deficiency.

Muscle biopsy revealed inflammatory infiltrates and rimmed vacuoles, similar to those found in inclusion-body myositis.

A gluten-free diet and vitamin E supplementation reversed both the clinical neurological manifestations and the abnormalities in the muscle biopsy.

Anti-gliadin antibodies were no longer present.

This case illustrates the spectrum of neurological complications of celiac disease and documents the occurrence of reversible pathology resembling inclusion-body myopathy in the muscle. Muscle Nerve 2004


Let's cut the chase for those who are suffering and let them see who has helped you in your State.

I am In Salem, Or. and this Neurologist below helped me before any MD would.

Dr. Benton Davidson

Salem, Oregon

He tested for Vitamin K.

I had 2 years with my MD who would not do any testing.

I slipped hehind his back and got to this Neurologist.


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Dr Daniel McGuire

South Florida Gastro Associates

Boynton Beach Florida (in Palm Beach County)

He accepted my Enterolab results, and based on that, my history and dietary response, diagnosed me. He was recommended by the local CSA of America support group.


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Patricia Chen, MD Internal Medicine

Citrus Heights, CA

Doesn't think she's God. Considers the doctor patient relationship a team. Wants to hear what you have to say. Never made me feel like I was a hypochondriac.

Dr. Vallero, MD GI

Roseville and Carmichael, CA

Didn't make me feel like a hypochondriac. Didn't seem too sold on the celiac thing, but completely open and not confrontational or critical at all. I had the biopsy done, but more to check and make sure there wasn't anything more scary causing my symptoms. At my followup appt, he said that he had other patients who had negative biopsies but positive dietary response and to keep doing what I was doing. He said that I figured it out on my own.

Yinka Davies, MD Pediatric GI

Roseville, CA and Downtown Sacramento, CA

I had already put Jenny gluten-free for over a month when we had our appt. Told her the whole story and that I put her gluten-free because of Enterolab testing and how much better Jenny was doing. She was very interested and seemed to enjoy hearing about Jenny's before and after. All she said about the biopsy was that she was just asking because it was the gold standard, and <I didn't want to have the biopsy for Jenny did I?> I told her no. She said great. So all we're doing is blood work twice a year to make sure she's not developing any other related issues.


I've been very, very lucky with finding great MDs. I know how rare that is on this board. I really don't think that our GP's would have ever brought celiac/gluten intolerance up on their own, but when I brought it up, they went down that path right along with me.


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Dr. Jeffrey Stein

Columbia Presbyterian

New York, NY



He's a one-man show... he does it all from taking your basic vitals to prescribing Rx and diagnostic testing. Kind, compassionate human being. He's very cautious and thorough.

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Dr. Richard Schwartz

190 Groton Rd, Ayer MA

(978) 772-7500

I also cannot say enough good things about my GI doc.

I went in complaining of severe bloating after eating - I didn't even know what celiac disease was.

Because I am a T1 diabetic he suspected diabetic gastroparesis and did an upper endoscopy to see if my stomach was dumping it's food. Well while he was in there he decided to do a biopsy of my intestine- I did not know he was doing this. Well low and behold gastro was ruled out and the "most abnormal biopsy I've ever seen" confirmed the Celiac dx.

For those in MA/NH - Ayer is located in the Northern Central part of the state.

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Dr Marni Nicholas

Portsmouth, NH

Primary Care

Dr. catherine Cheney

Beth Israel

Celiac specialist

Boston/Lexington, MA

THEY BOTH ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great topic! I was just thinking I need to find a new doc, because of recurring kidney pain.

Does anyone have a suggestion for Portland, OR?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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Dr. Thomas Brasitus

Dr. Nancy Merrill

GI's M.I. Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, NY

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Dr. Alwyn Koil (NM Pediatrics) & Dr. Thomas Rothfeld (Presbyterian)

both of Albuquerque, NM

both general pediatricians and WONDERFUL doctors - very nice. Dr. Koil not totally sold on Enterolab because he's not familiar with them, but is very supportive and interested.

Dr. Jay Jacobi (SW Medical)

General practitioner - also of Albuquerque

I haven't had occasion to tell him about my family going gluten-free yet, but I fully expect him to be supportive when I do.

I wanted to add Dr. Jeffrey Fahl with the University of New Mexico. I haven't seen him myself, but we work for the same Univeristy and he is a VERY nice guy.

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Guest AutumnE

Dr. Gale Cookingham- Allergist and she has celiac disease herself and was tested and suppourtive of enterolab. Flint, michigan office on fridays and port huron office monday through thursday.

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Dr. Shimamoto, SanTan Allergy and Asthma, Mesa (or Gilbert?), Arizona -- This is the single best doctor I have ever known! All 3 of our kids are being treated by him. He is the most down-to-earth, easy-going, yet extremely knowledgeable person you'd ever meet. My kids love going to him and the 35 minute drive to his office is so worth it. I would probably drive 2 hours to go to this guy if I had to...just can't say enough. It took 7 months and 4 doctors to make even a slight dent in my youngest son's issues. I had more answers in my first visit with this doctor than I did with all the rest put together.

Dr. Nancy Yokois, Pediatric GI, Scottsdale, AZ -- We've only been to her once. She was patient, extremely thorough, answered all our questions, very knowledgeable of celiac and eosinophilic disorders. No one can compare to Dr. Shimamoto, but she does come in a close second and I would highly recommend. She came highly recommended to us by several different people and it's easy to see why once you meet her.

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