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My Dog Is A Major Faker

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This really relates to nothing at all but I am still crackin up.

When Mark and I came home from church tonight Bella got out of her cage just fine. Then she got scolded for getting away from Mark outside (he has this new thing where he takes her off of her leash despite my protests) and all of the sudden, she was holding her leg up. She had a really sad face on and we were trying to figure out if she hurt it. Then when I was trying to examine it she turned around and accidentally limped on the WRONG LEG! She then continued to hold up the "un-injured" leg. After she had a treat her leg(s) were miraculously healed!!! Amazing. Our dog now fakes injuries to get treats. haha and badly, too. :D

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

That is too funny! My dog (pictured) had major surgery in July and my daughter claims he is still milking me for attention. Of course, how could I deny a cute face like that! :P

I'm glad there was nothing truly wrong with your dog! It will be interesting to see if she tries this again!

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OMG! That's hilarious! They certainly aren't stupid, are they??? (Although my current golden retriever Buddy could be in the running for that title..... :lol: )

We used to have a maltese Nickie and another golden Cinci (short for Cincinnati, my husband is a Reds fan). Anyway, when we would let both of the out in the backyard to do their business, Cinci would do the dopey dog, go do her business, not care who was watching, etc. Nickie on the other hand, felt he needed some privacy. <_< He would sniff around a few minutes then come up to the sliding glass door and scratch to come in. As soon as Cinci saw this, she did her "Oh! Oh! You going in??? So am I!!!!!" routine and would come just behind Nickie. As soon as opened the door, Cinci would jump over Nickie to be the first on in, and then Nickie would calmly turn around and walk away back into the backyard to do his business in peace! Cinci was sooooo gullible! :rolleyes: This happened every single day, and do you think she ever caught on????? :lol:

They did have quite a special bond, though. As Nickie got older and couldn't get up on the couch by himself anymore, he would put his front legs on the couch to indicate he wanted up, and then Cinci would come up behind him, put her snout between his hind legs and "flip" him up onto the couch..... It was toooooo cute!



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HOW SWEET! Since we don't have any human babies yet, Bella is our puppy baby. I'm sure you feel the same way.

Our dog doesn't understand modesty yet. Yesterday she went to the bathroom while like four people from the apartment complex talked to her. ::DOH::

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Some dogs have mastered the fine art of faking it :D

We get to hear all sorts of stories from owners and its hilarious. One dog had been home alone for what the dog deemed "too long"...and greeted his owners while dragging himself across the floor with his back end dragging and he was "talking/moaning" as he dragged himself there. They got a blanket and went to put him on it for a trip tp the vet...so hubby says : I'll get the car. At the sound of the word: car...dog jumped up and was ready to go.

The limping dog trick is a common tactic for attention, often for smaller dogs, it means owner will carry them ..."cool, I get a ride" they must say to themselves.

Other dogs who have had previously injured limbs and got extra attention will revert to liming and many will forget which leg and as they walk ..they might stop and sniff someting, then start walking - carrying the other leg

They have to be pretty smart to figure out these things, its worked on me a few times..and I swear that when you say "my goodness you're a faker arent you?" they wag their tail furiously like they are saying "arent I magnificent, I fooled ya!"

Who says dogs dont know how to manipulate! :blink::lol::lol:


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That's very cute.

I used to have a cat that would do that when she wanted tuna.

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Karen, Buddy isn't THAT stupid -- not quite, anyway!!

Leave it to my daughter to get me a grand-dog who isn't a good faker . . . hmmmmm . . both my kids were!!! Just kidding, Ash. Actually, Bella is a very sweet little dog. She is definitely a keeper! She's pretty funny. If I talk really softly to her and call her over, she comes over like this sweet little thing, and I'm petting her. My mother's dog -- who obviously has ADHD -- has to butt in and NOT subtly, comes running up, bumps into Bella, and all of the sudden Bella, who formerly was this quiet, soft baby, turns around and makes this "unusual" growling noise!! It is HYSTERICALLY funny!

My favorite part about her, though -- she's part Shih Tzu -- and she has this great underbite! It makes me giggle when I see her. Because of it, Ashley has to brush Bella's teeth -- and Bella LOVES it!!!!! I think that is so funny -- not that she has to brush the teeth, but Bella loves it!!!!!!!

Karen, your Nickie and Cinci story made me cry . . . that is so sweet. They really do take care of each other, don't they?


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That is too funny! Thanks for posting...with all our issues, it is always nice to read non-Celiac things that make us chuckle!

We don't have children yet (age 25), nor do we have dogs yet (just moved to a house--so maybe one day!), but we do have cats (and I'm not even a cat person)----and they are my babies, too! They really dobecome part of your family.

Hope you are having a great night!


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