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Dr. Thinks It Might Be Eosinophillic Esophagitis, Not Celiac

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V: You KNOW that I value your allergy food opinions to a great extent. you have personally helped me a lot. but, egids are much more complicated than "just" (and noticed I put it in quotes! ha!) allergies. I recommend reading one of the journal articles that I posted on the above thread, by dr. rothenberg. They think that allergies-intolerances are a small part of it. Yes, they are most certainly learning about it....but it is much more "distinct" and serious than ibs, fibro, etc. you have always been honest with me, and i have opened my mind and learned so much.

Thanks for the topic recommendation I'll check it out. I never know what name EE/EGID/EOS its going by. I know that the symptoms of EGID are serious, just ask anyone who suffers from them. But then ask anyone with severe IBS or Fibro, about how serious it gets. My comment was not about severity, but that doctors don't know what it is, what exactly causes it, but they slap a title on a list of symptoms and its a disease.

The good thing about EE is that it by its very nature is bringing the plight of the food allergic to the forefront.

I honestly believe that at lot of EE is caused by food allergies, which is an over active immune system response. I will try to find the article you mentioned and read it though.

Before I found out my allergies, I was headed right tword EE. Had it not been for my trip to Norway, where my symptoms pretty much vanished. I would probably not have figured out the food allergies and would probably be getting diagnosed as EE as we speak.

Now my experiences were not near as severe as some, but I sure can relate. And as always, if one solution isn't working, keep working til you find the one that does.

I hope you find your solution soon.

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