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What Are Your Favorite Naturally Gluten Free Foods?

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I am a potato fiend! Mashed, roasted, smashed any type. Colin loves them too! mashed with cheese and bacon! and I have become totally addicted to ninis oven fried chicken.. i made it twice last week.. i would have made it tonite but i was out of chicken!!!

rice.. tons and tons of it

peanut butter and jelly or strawberry preserves on rice cakes..

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My favorite naturally gluten-free foods are:

chicken (roasted, bakes, broiled, sausage, stir fry ...)

fish (salmon, cod, sea bass, ...)

apples(w/ peanut butter, honey, cinnomon)

bananas(w/ almond butter)

trail mix (nuts and dried fruit)

almond butter

peanut butter


sweet potatoes


mexican food (tacos, nachos, enchiladas,...)

dark chcolate

homemade marinara sauce

hard boiled eggs

brown rice

strawberries/blueberries and cream

I could keep going!

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