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Celiacs Disease And Schools

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When I was in 7th grade I actually had to go to saturday school for punishment of missing so much school. They then finally expelled me for missing so many days. By the time my mom got an official diagnosis, they were super appolgetic. They then started a home tutoring program for me. But it was too late into the year to make a difference, I still had to repeat the 7th grade.

The Dr. actually had my mom take me to counseling for school-aphobia (I don't think that is the official term). My mom believed I was sick. She questioned if "I was faking it or it was due to school" then, why when it was my turn to play atari or something fun, would I have to run off to the bathroom and miss my turn.

As for my daughter she is 15 and I do understand the school's point of view but there is no reason to be down right rude about it. They sent me a nasty letter stating the absences weren't excused. I had to call them up and explain I had brought a letter from the Dr. personally.

They have a law in WA state called the Becca Bill which is great for kids and keeping them safe, but she is genuinely sick and I have been taking her to the dr. to try and get her help. We know all to well about the Becca bill, since Becca is her now deceased 2nd cousin, from her dad's family.

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