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Is A Gluten Allergy The Same Thing As celiac disease?

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My friend has a child who was diagnosed as having a milk allergy, and a gluten allergy. I told her I wasn't sure if that was accurate. I'm thinking a gluten allergy is celiac disease. Please advse. I am not new to celiac but I am new to really knowing about it. I was avoiding gluten not really understanding the disease. Now people come to me and ask questions as if I'm an expert!

The American Diet of Chips, soda, ice cream, Goldfish Crackers, bread for breakfast (cereal, donuts, waffles, toast, bagels) cereal bars, "gummies", candy, msg, dairy products of all kinds, soy, and other chemicals - is Killing us and promoting diseases. BE HEALTHY. EAT NATURAL FOODS. DO NOT INGEST CHEMICALS! If you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it. Use Coconut oil. Eat herbs in salads. NO DAIRY. LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE YOUR FAMILY. FOOD IS MEDICINE!

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