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G-F Four

Breads From Anna Baked In A Zozirushi

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My family's two favorite bread mixes are Pamela's Amazing and Breads from Anna. I don't have trouble with the Pamela"s in my bread machine(Zozirushi 2 lb.) but I can't get a loaf of the Breads From Anna to work for me. In each of my six attempts the loaf has risen well and baked nicely but caved in at the sides at the end of the bake cycle. I have decreased the amount of liquid, adjusted the rise time, increased the bake time to 70 minutes (maximum time on my machine), ...! :blink: I'm all out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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On Anna's website "gluten Evolution" she gives tips for making her bread. For instance on the pkg it says to use 1 egg & two whites I think. BUt it should equal 2/3 cup, since all large eggs are not the same she had posted notes like this .Plus I always check the water temp to make sure it is not to hot nor not to cold. I premix all the wet ingredients before putting them in the mixer. Another thing I do is I don't leave the bread in the pan for a long time aas it seems to draw moisture & make it sorts wet. I alway put it in refrig for several hours before cutting & freezing.

I only ever had 1 loaf that died & I've made about 20 cases of her bread to date...I think if you read her tip section it will help you out. If that fails to give you any help just give her a phone call or a e-mail note. Anna I promise will respond asap. She is a wonderful person... I will be seeing her this weekend !!!!

good luck


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