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Dd's Allergy Test Results

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DD was tested last week via skin prick testing. She was negative for all foods. Her allergy/immunology specialist said to keep her off the ones that are causing problems-currently wheat, corn, beef, chicken, and milk-until she is more stable. Then try reintroducing them to see how she reacts. She hasn't had milk for 10 months so I may consider challenging that in a few weeks to see what happens. She hasn't had a reaction to any dairy in my diet for quite some time.

The allergist also said that we are most likely back to celiac, but she can't be biopsied since we've been wheat free for 2 months. She suggested waiting a few years until she has caught up some of her growth and then considering a challenge.

Basically, she's not allergic to wheat but gained 3 pounds in 2 months of gluten free dieting so she has an unofficial diagnosis by dietary response. We have a ped appt next week, and I am going to ask for a referral to a GI since we are probably looking at celiac disease again. Not that it matters much-I already knew we'd keep her gluten free since she has done so well.

Mom to 3 girls

DD1-diagnosed by allergist 10/2006

DD4 & DD9-diagnosed by Mom 01/2007

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