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See's Candies- Gone Mostly Gluten Free :)

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So I was doing a bit of research early... (My grandpa ALWAYS sends me and now wants to send my daughter chocolates for Valentines day... he was VERY stressed that he may gluten her so I made a phone call)

See's Candies (his choice of chocolate boxes) told me this..... "The only product that possibly contains gluten is our butterscotch pop's (suckers) and butterscotch little bites. They use a grain based vinegar in them.

Everything else is gluten free.... no wheat, barley, oats, or rye :)

They also said that their malt truffle (that can be found in boxes that are a few months old) does contain gluten but that product has been discontinued so as long as the box is new there is no gluten in the product!

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