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Thanks For The Bread Recommendations....

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Hi everyone. I posted my intro a few days ago and everyone was so kind in welcoming me. I asked for bread recommendations, specifically, and quite a few people recommended the Kinnikinnick tapioca bread. Well, I rode into the city Monday to the Good Foods grocery - and they had the bread! So I bought it - and other stuff too, and yesterday morning I had TOAST!!!! :D:D With apple butter (homemade) and it was so good I cried. Seriously, I cried eating my toast. It was really good. When I did the gluten-free thing before, I never found bread that tasted that good. So, now I'm hooked. It was a turning point for me, I feel like I can survive now. Oh - I also got the Kinnikinnick pre-made pizza crusts. I'm going to try that tomorrow night for dinner. I picked up my sauce, cheese and pepperoni today - so I'm excited about.

Thanks again for the recommendations.


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Hi! I'm glad you found that Kinnikinnick has bread that makes this diet just that much more tolerable! LOL!

I have found a trick regarding their english muffins. Keep them frozen in the freezer, and take one out as needed. Microwave it for 50 seconds, take it out, flip it over and leave it on the counter for about 4 - 5 minutes. Then slice it in half and toast it. Bingo! The most awesome english muffin you have ever had!!!

We've come a long way from those hockey pucks they used to call bread, eh? LOL! :lol:



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I am glad you found a bread that you like. We also enjoy the tapioca bread. I now also use the mix to make my own at home.. it isnt bad.. the premade is better.. but the mix is cheaper.. ends up being about 3.00 per loaf.

I have also found on here GFP Favorite Sandwich Bread, which I make in my bread maker. That bread here costs about 5.50, which is still pricey, but cheaper than the premade Kinnikinnick. That is a fantastic bread too. If you are willing to try to make bread yourself.

I am going to try and make GFP french bread tomorrow to go with the cannelli and sausage and kale soup that was posted on another thread.. I dont know how this one tastes, as I have never had it before.

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