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Blood Types & Celiac


What is your blood type?  

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  1. 1. What is your blood type?

    • A
    • B
    • AB

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On my trip to Barnes & Noble today, I was thumbing through some books related to celiac. An author (whom I don't remember... sorry) mentioned that there was a higher level of occurance of celiacs with blood type O. I thought I'd test the theory, if you're willing.

And what is my type??? O neg :blink:

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O positive for me!

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

G.F. - September 2003; C.F. - July 2004

Hiker, Yoga Teacher, Engineer, Painter, Be-er of Me

Bellevue, WA

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O here too! I do follow the blood type diet with about 75% accuracy. I found a strong correlation between my dietary restrictions, health issues and the blood type theory. HHMMM...

I do find that being this blood type, along with having a gluten/casein sensitivity makes life more challenging than for other blood types.

Are there any other O's that share this belief?

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WHOAA!! My husband and I were just today discussing blood type and celiac. I'm also a type O which is the oldest blood type, associated with the hunter gatherer types who only ate meat, fruits, vegies and nuts (which is what I would be limited to w/o gluten-free breads, cookies & pasta :o ). I didn't like the blood type diet book, because they recommended type 0s just avoid wheat gluten, not all gluten. I also didn't get the logic for their various type O dietary restrictions.

However, we also recently discussed in my local celiac support group meeting how people who could tolerate grains had to be a deviation from the norm, since the hunter/gatherer types long preceded the farmer types. Similarly, the type O preceded other blood types, not sure whether A or B came next, but AB is last. Anyway our group all decided that WE celiacs are ACTUALLY the normal ones and all those who tolerate gluten grains are the DEVIANT ones! :lol:


Gluten, dairy, soy, egg, cane sugar, vanilla and nutmeg free. Enterolab diagnosed gluten/casein intolerant 7/04; soy intolerant 8/07. ELISA test diagnosed egg/cane sugar IgG allergies 8/06; vanilla/nutmeg 8/06. 2006-10 diagnosed by DNA Microbial stool tests and successfully treated: Klebsiella, Enterobacter Cloaecae, Cryptosporidia, Candida, C-diff, Achromobacter, H. Pylori and Dientamoeba Fragilis. 6/10 Heidelberg capsule test diagnosed hypochloridia. Vitamin D deficiency, hypothyroiditis, hypochloridia and low white blood cells caused vulnerability to infections. I now take Betaine HCl, probiotics, Vitamin D and T3 thyroid supplement to maintain immunity.

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I've always thought that my blood type is 0 positive, but then I donated blood and they sent me my donor card saying I had type A blood, sooooo I'm going to have to get that one checked out! Don't want to be thinking I have one blood type and then really having another.

Emily Wilkes

Diagnosed August 2002 at age 17

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Type O for me. Interesting study. Maybe I should go back and look at the blood type diet.

Hugs, Carol B Enterolab diagnosed gluten sensitive and casein allergic June 04

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Hey Jil, did you mean blood to donate or people? :lol: Just kidding. I found out after my last miscarriage that my blood type was B pos. I thought that was also a good message for what I was going through with the miscarriage. My husbands' cousin swears that she is not gluten sensitive (too skinny, can't gain weight, migraine sufferer, GI problems too). She will however admit that her mother, brother, and sister are allergic. BTW, she is O type.


Think I ought to show her the results of the poll? :huh:

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We did this same thing on another celiac forum. Got something over 100 answers. The results? The blood types among the celiac responders matched almost exaclty the blood types in the general population. In other words, the O's make up about 45 percent of Americans, and the O's made up about 45 percent of the people who answered the survey.


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I am A positive, and so are all three of my children.

My husband who still refused to be tested (even though my kids carry TWO genes for gluten intolerance) is O positive.

According to Dr. Peter J D'Adamo who wrote a whole bunch of books on blood type diets, there is no increased risk of Celiac in any particular blood type. Every blood type has the same chance of getting the disease, although like Richard pointed out, since there are more O blood types on the planet, then it makes sense that there would be a lot more Celiacs with O blood.

God bless,


~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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:blink: My son (age 22 years) is Type B negative...same as my blood type.

and of northern european ancestory on my side....however...his father is

Type O positive....and of Native American ancestory. Not sure how that would

relate other then the northern european line....none of my husband's children

from previous marriages has celiac's.

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Type O negative here. I've read the Blood Type books and I thought the most interesting info in them was how blood types developed and about the migration of peoples etc. Yes, I need a type O diet and exercise to feel my best. Even nongluten grains are difficult for me to digest and I can't tolerate dairy either. I'm such a cavewoman.


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I have a question. I've never heard of O positive/negative. I just thought I was type 0. Is there a positive/negative with O? Interesting.

Hugs, Carol B Enterolab diagnosed gluten sensitive and casein allergic June 04

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Yes.. all the blood types have a pos/neg. I found the following list of blood types on howitworks.com

U.S. Blood-type Distribution


38 percent of population


34 percent of population


9 percent of population


7 percent of population


6 percent of population


3 percent of population


2 percent of population


1 percent of population

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Positive and negative means Rh factor positive or negative (Rh+, Rh-).

I used to learn it at school a long time ago, but according to the saying of one of my teachers that "education is what you have left when you have forgotten everything you learned" :) , I find it easier to post those explanation links than to actually explain :D



I am 0 negative, BTW, and my boyfriend (non-Celiac) is 0 positive, which means we can have a bit of a problem some day...


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Good morning Anna. I had a card once (may still be around somewhere) that said I was type O. Never showed the positive/negative. Is it possible to just be type O without being +/-?. That is definately interesting as I had never heard that before. We learn something new everyday, right? ;) Thanks.

Hugs, Carol B Enterolab diagnosed gluten sensitive and casein allergic June 04

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