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Has Anyone Only Had A Reaction To One Gluten Containing Thing?

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I really didn't know where to put this so If its in the worng spot- please move it for me.

I don't get a reaction if I only eat one piece of bread(or 2 or 3 for that matter as long as it not all in the one day)

I have also heard that one of the symptoms can be itchy skin.

Basically a few years ago I was eating these cruskit things that had wheat in them. I prolly ate them for regulary for at least two years and occasionaly last year.

Anyway I used to get this really itchy back, and I figured out the other day that since I stopped eating these biscuits my itchy back doesnt really happen. This was by no means the only gluten I was consuming and since Ive stopped eating the biscuits have still continued to gluten in rather large quantities.

Now here comes my question (if any of you are able to follow this)

Has anyone ever found that they only have a reaction to a certain gluten containing product but not others? ( I dont mean can eat a cruton or a few crumbs but If you had a piece of bread ud be Ill)

I am completely aware that there could be something else in ths biscuits that didnt agree with me or that it could have been something else in my environment, but I just thought I would ask!

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Before I went gluten-free, pizza was the only thing that noticably made me sick. I diagnosed myself through an eliminated diet. When I added gluten back in pizza still made me sick, but wheat bread never did. I wonder if it might be the combination of the wheat, lactose and acidic tomatoes in the pizza.

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