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Where To Shop Online ?

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I have gathered that lots of celiacs like Tinkyada pasta, Kinnikinnick, and Pamela's Bread Mix. I can get Pamela's Brownie mix (yummy) at my local market but nothing else. Is there a one stop shop site on the web where i can find these items? I found them all at seperate sites and would like to avoid multiple shipping charges.

Also any other brand- recommendations would be welcome.


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These are my online favorites, below. All these stores carry different items, so its hard to find all the brands in one place. Have you tried amazon .com too? They are selling more and more gluten-free food...

The gluten-free trading post http://www.food4celiacs.com/ An entire store in WI where everything is gluten-free. Huge selection and they turn orders around pretty fast. Great way to try new yummies.

The gluten-free pantry http://www.food4celiacs.com/ Their own products and mixes are good (skillet meals are nice too) and they carry a good selection of Shar products which can be really delicious and hard to find...as well as many other brands.

The gluten-free mall http://www.celiac.com/catalog/index.php I don't order to often from here, as I'm not as big of a fan of the selection (just preference), BUT they have pria bars, chebe mixes and a few hard-to-finds that I love.

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