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Accidental Gluten Symptoms

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My son was diagnosed last spring and has been gluten-free since. He got up crying this morning and threw up shortly after. We're not sure if he accidentally got some gluten in him -- or if it's just a stomach bug. He has a low fever today.... do your celiac kids get fevers when they are reacting to gluten? Or, not?

Thanks for your help!

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My guess would be that it's just a bug . . . especially if he's in school or goes to any sort of pre-school or Sunday school where he would be in contact with other kids. It's just that time of year.

That said, there are people on here whose children do seem to get a fever with glutenings, I think. But I don't know that your response to it will be different either way. Keep an eye on him and do what you can to make him comfortable . . . try to keep him hydrated, etc. All those standard sick kid things.

Good luck!

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