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Husband's Loosing Weight

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Not sure if this belongs here or not, but I'll try.

Over the last few months, my husband who is not coeliac has been loosing weight. I have nearly always been heavier than him, and when I lost 2 stone I was lighter than him. But he is now loosing it and is lighter than me, which I do not appreicate. In an ideal world, he would be heavier than me. But still ideal situations went out the window when I was diagnosed with coeliac 9 months ago.

At first I was miffed, but his weight has slowly but steadily been going down. He is so tickled pink, I think he rather likes being lighter than me. I asked him if he was dieting, no was his reply. Are you sick was another question, no he said, and I know he is not sick. Usually people loose weight for either of through diet or being sick, so it has been nagging me for a bit.

But then this morning, I had a brainwave and I put one and one together and realised, hey we don't have takeaways as much as usual. I cook most meals, and they are pretty healthy. Baking, what is that, I don't bake goodies for them anymore. I'm a real mean nasty wife and mother. If they want biscuits, mainly the boys, we buy them. So it just struck me that it was my diet and my response to it, as in healthier food choices that has been benefitting him at the same time.

But that is where I come unstuck, it works for him in the weight loss department, but not for me!

There must be other people out there with the same sort of stories.


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Hi Catherine,

It's the other way round for me and my hubby - he's the coeliac.

Hubby was lighter than me all our married life (due to him not being diagnosed probably) and I always hated it!

Hubby's been gluten-free for 2 yrs now and I've been gluten-free 1yr ( I finally joined him going gluten-free - initially to support him, but I found it helped with my ezcema cutting out gluten)

When I went gluten-free I found that I lost weight without trying - and I think your right .Being gluten-free keeps you away from junk food and alot of my old favourites ( high fat pastries and cakes! :ph34r: )

Now, for the first time ever hubby weighs more than me!! - it's great! :lol:

One thing I do know, men just don't seem to have the same relationship with food as women (well not my hubby anyway :blink: ) He has a take it or leave it mentality about it, maybe that's why your hubby is loosing weight without trying.

I do find that to maintain my weight I try to avoid alot of the replacement gluten-free products ( e.g biscuits, bread, cakes ) as they often have more sugar and fat in than conventional gluten ones.

I still have my vice of chocolate though :ph34r: (a must have!! )

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