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Lesions In Intestines Anyone?

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Hi all,

I am new to this list and would like ntroduce myself. I also have a question. My name is Melissa and Im 36. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 7 years ago after being sick for several years and misdiagnosed with Irritable bowel disorder. I am not trustworthy of doctors. I recently had a colonoscopy because I had a precancerous polyp removed several years ago. I went to a new doctor as I have moved to a different town. He found lesions in my intestines which he claimed were Pseudomembranous lesions. He claimed they were nothing to worry about. I do not have the bacteria that usually is found with these lesions and he said the celiac disease is not the cause of them. My question is.............Has anyone else ever had lesions in their intestines caused by celiac sprue? I must admit that I cheat often (which I know is not good) and am wondering if my gluten ingestion is causing these lesions. Please let me know if this sounds like a symptom of celiac disease because I cannot find anything on the internet about it.

Thanks so much!


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I have growths not lesions, but I can say my doctor put me on l-glutamine and a probiotic and prebiotic to assist in healing. I am amazed at the results.

Good Luck

Also I ordered it online at totalglutamine for 1/5 the price.

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Pseudomembranous lesions are usually associated with antibiotic use. It (antibiotics) disrupts the normal flora (normal gut bacteria) in the intestine. I have not found any reference in medical literature to pseudomembranous lesions without some mention of Clostridium difficile and associated, rather severe acute clinical signs (abdominal pain, diarrhea).

The lesions you mention are not typically found in celiac enteropathy unless that person has also been on various antibiotics or it is possible that ongoing damage alters the bowel . It would be considered secondary to bowel damage from any cause (malabsorbtion syndromes, infections etc.), these lesions can also occur in any individual (no intestinal disease) who has received strong antibiotics for another condition - pneumonia, sinusitis, bladder or kidney infections.

I would be inclined to ask further questions and ask for a copy of the histopathology report. The question I would pose: If there is no bacteria associated with the pseudomembranous lesions, then why are they there?


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Thanks so much for the response. I have not been on antibiotics and did not have the bacteria. I asked the doctor what they were caused by and he said that he had no idea and shouldn't worry about it. Well, I guess maybe I should find another gastro dr. for a second opinion. Getting the report is a good idea. I did get the pictures and they do look like lesions. Maybe I should find a gastro dr. that is knowlegable about celiac disease.

Kindest regards,


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