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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I decided to go ahead and see the Gastro Enterologist and discuss the biopsy. In the meantime i've got the bad pains in my stomach and i've developed a new symptom i haven't had before ever. my lower groin/intestinal/stomach area has shooting pains that go down my thighs. it's kinda scaring me. I'd read a mention about tingling hands and legs.. is this pain part of that? my hands and arms tingle, and hurt a lot, i can't hold the steering wheel for very long when I drive, i alternate hands because my arms tingle. I thought i had carpal tunnel syndrome and now i wonder if it's celiac.

I'm extremely tired these days, lots of brain fog, I had a 5th root canal in 5 yearsa couple weeks ago. i have had constant watery BMs for months. (and then it alternates with constipation, go figure). in 1999 I lost a lot of hair, to a point i had shiny spots in 5 areas, some about the size of a grapfruit. no diagnosis on that, it just happens says the doctor. i was anemic at one point. had pneumonia 3 years in a row.

but im not anemic anymore, i'm not underweight and my thyroid is doing well and all in all i'm in perfect health.... those are the reasons my doctor thought i couldn't possible have celiac.

when I go talk to the specialist doctor, do i tell him all the symptoms i've had over the years? do i just wait for him to ask? I just am wondering do I approach him as though he's never heard of this disease and educate him? it seems like most of you all had to tell your doctor about the disease. I wonder why i am going through the biopsy, my husband asked me, why bother? just go on the diet, my mom too.

I guess it's good to have a definitive answer? I'm full of questions now that it's been 3 weeks since my blood test came back positive, i'm accepting of it more now.

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Guest zoomom

I think I agree with your husband. Since you already had a positive blood test, I would not put myself through a biopsy as well. Unless your doctor is looking for something other than celiac disease, I'd just switch my lifestyle to gluten free.

Hang in there, it will get better with time. :)


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