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Pleasant Server/ Dinning Out Experiences

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Well we have a thread for ignorant servers, but sometimes they can be really nice, so I thought I'd start this. :P

Mine is: Had lunch out today and I Know this place does gluten-free open grills so the food was fine. Anyway for what must have been the first time in my life I decided to ask what was in their drinks. I asked about the ice chocs, the chic went off to check, she discovered that the bottle didn't have the ingredients on it, but on of her co workers said she thought there was gluten in one of the thickners. So I ordered a coke. While she was ringing it up I asked about these biscuits, as they weren't labeled gluten-free but I had heard her mention to the customer before me that they were. Not only did she tell me about the biscuits but she then told me of all the other sweet things I could eat(I knew all these)

Anyway her co worker then piped up and said that Ice coffee would be fine. I got the order changed and the server even asked that me if the cream was ok.

It made me feel so good that the server went out of her to tell me about the sweet options and that she asked about the cream.

Small things but I think you guys can all understand how happy it can make you feel.

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