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Gluten Free, Yeast Free Bread

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Chebe bread mixes are gluten free and yeast free.

The ingredients are Manioc (tapioca) flour, modified amanioc starch, dry milk, iodine-free salt. (Made in a gluten free facility.)

You add 2 tbs. oil, 2 eggs or egg substitute, and can add 1 cup of cheese and 1/3 C of water.


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Hi. I buy the Kinnikinnick Yeast free breads. The store nearby which finally carries some Kinnikinnick products doesn't have the yeast free. I think it is pretty good particularly when fresh. They have two types and both are better than most yeast free breads I have had (wheat or no wheat) I have been yeast free since the mid-1980's and only gluten-free for two years.

When you get an order from Kinnikinnick the bread is freshly baked and not yet frozen. I repackage the loaf into two slice servings wrap in plastic wrap or sandwich bags and freeze. I don't go though a great deal of bread but it is great to have on hand when I want some.

I also will make french toast with the yeast free bread and freeze. My kids (who eat the yeast bread usually) like the yeast free french toast better. The cost is about the same.

http://www.goglutenfree.com will get you the Kinnikinnick website.

The problem with some gluten free breads is they add more yeast to make up for the loss of gluten so the yeast issue is compounded.

Good Luck

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I love bread. I love gluten-free bread, but I react to them because I have an allergy to yeast.

Does anyone know of a gluten free, yeast free, bread. Or a mix?


Breads by Anna (http://www.glutenevolution.com) has a fabulous gluten-free, yeast-free (and many other things-free as well) bread mix. I started using it during a relatively brief period when I was yeast-free, but it's so good that I've never bothered to try the yeast version.


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