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How Did Your Thanksgiving Go?

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My Thanksgiving dinner was PERFECT!

Being my first ever thanksgiving prepared fully by ME, I was a bit nervous, but all went well!

We had:

Turkey (stuffed with some veggies and half an apple! So tender!!!)

Turkey gravy (I was amazed at how delish it was!)

Mashed potatoes

Ham (bought a couple slices of boars head...yummy!)

Green beans (w/ lots of butter)

Rolls (gluten-free Pantry french bread recipe - I ran low on time at the end, so I just made these)

The rolls turned out good, but were more like biscuits. Still yummy though!

All throughout dinner, I kept saying to husband "OMG this is all so PERFECT!" Made me feel very confident in my cooking abilities (and I thought I'd be missing out on T-dinner!)

Dessert was the only hard part of the day. We went over to the in-laws...They had about 10 different pies from Village Inn (former YUM of mine).

I baked 2 very good desserts, that turned out well, and were a hit w/ the family (they kept drooling over my cheesecake).

I made a lemon goat-cheesecake w/ a nut crust and a pumpkin dutch apple pie. Both were delicious!!!

But I did get a little envious at the chocolate cream pie, lemon and key lime pies, and the pumpkin chocolate bread.

Next year I might just have to do LOTS of desserts. I might try a key lime pie for Christmas!

Praise the Lord that this holiday is over though! I was soooo stressed about it! :P

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My parents are the best - They accomodated both my being kosher and my being gluten-free (the second more strictly than the first). They took the time to go and find gluten-free bread and cake mix at the store before I flew in. It seems like they really "get it". I'm so blessed.

I ate:

-Roasted kosher turkey with Earth Balance margarine and herbs stuffed under its skin

-Cranberry sauce

-Green beans with oranges and toasted almonds (Steamed green beans tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, orange juice, orange pieces, salt and pepper, and toasted almond slivers)

-Turkey gravy thickened with cornstarch

-Incredible gluten-free stuffing: http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2006/11/...ried-fruit.html

-Spice Cake from Gluten-Free Pantry Mix

-Pumpkin pie made in ramekins without a crust (not made for me, but for my mom who hates pie crust)

I ate my heart out. It was great.

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We also had a perfect Thanksgiving, though it was a few days late. We were all sick for Thanksgiving day. I made a whole chicken (I'm not a turkey or ham person) with chicken gravy, onion roasted potatoes, stuffing, and peas. Everything was fabulous! We even served one of our employees dinner since we had so much leftover and he didn't even notice that it was gluten free. I was really proud of myself. This was the first time that I've ever made a holiday meal, much less a large dinner. I couldn't believe everything turned out so well. I've never made stuffing before in my life, nonetheless gluten free stuffing (I even made the bread from scratch). I've never made gravy or that type of potato before either. The stuffing was probably the best I've ever had and the gravy was surprisingly tasty. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else for a holiday meal now that I know I can do it. I think for Christmas I might even invite my dad over to celebrate with us. :D

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