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Can't Stand It Anymore!

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Donna, we went on a cruise in January. The problem with the shore excursions is, that you officially aren't allowed to take any food off the ship, or bring any back onto the ship, either. We overcame that by signing up for an excursion that didn't leave until 1:00 PM, and ate a very late breakfast at 11:00 AM (they made me stir fry three times a day).

I did take some snacks out in my backpack. Nobody checked our bags as we left the ship, and I took the chance. You may have to do the same thing to survive. It's not likely they'll have the time to check everybody's bags, as the buses, taxis etc. are waiting for the people doing the excursions, and there are too many people leaving the ship. It would take hours to check every bag.

Thanks for the tip Ursula! I've taken some small things out before without problem, but I'm not sure I can take out enough for the 8 hour trip, lol.

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