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Accidental Glutening

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Hi all. I've been gluten-free since the first of October - no diagnosis - but feeling absolutely GREAT! I had made the decision not to do back for an official diagnosis, just to remain gluten free. Then, over the weekend, I started feeling bad. Saturday night, my husband asked me what was wrong, and I told him that my body felt funny. Achy, I was tired, grumpy, etc. No GI symptoms, though. Then Sunday morning, I woke up, had coffee, 1 gluten-freen donut- and the GI symptoms began. HOrrible indigestion (which was always my worst symptom), feeling so full and miserable, then the diarrhea. I still do not know for sure what it was that I ate - but I know I was completely gluten free for supper Saturday night, and breakfast Sunday morning.

Anway, I was miserable all day Sunday, Sunday night, felt a bit better Monday morning, pretty much back to normal MOnday night. However, although I felt terrible, I'm thankful, in a way, it happened. It was realy "proof" for me. So, 2 months into the diet, now I feel like I'm definitely on the right track.

Thanks for listening.

Melissa in Virginia

Age 35, married, 2 kids, 2 dogs.

No diagnosis. Gluten free since 10/2/06

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