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2003 Ford Focus

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I have a 2001 focus and it has worked fine for me. It handles well, has good gas milage, and is roomier than you would think. A few things to be aware of ( don't know if any of this applies to later models):

1. The blind spot is pretty big, (feels that way to me and my husband)

2. In the summer the air conditioning runs at its best when the car is moving. If you are stuck in traffic for awhile (45 mins onward) you will find that it doesn't run so cool.

3. The car seems to lose horsepower when the airconditioning is on. That is to say, if you step on the gas with the air conditioning on, you will have to step on it harder and the car will definitly jerk as the power hits the wheels. This does not happen when the heat is on.

Other than that, I really like the car. And truthfully, these aren't that big a deal (IMHO).

Hope this helps.


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I'm a Ford lover...I've had mine for 9 years (Ford Taurus) and I love it. So there are still some ford lovers out there :P

:D Somehow, I'm not surprised!

I drive a Ford Explorer and love it. My husband drives a Ford F150 (truck), and my older son has an F150/Harley Davidson Model--and we are all satisfied customers B)

Maybe we're the exceptions :unsure:

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I have had a ford, a honda, a toyota, a jeep and an infiniti (currently) in my life.

The Ford and the Jeep gave me nothing but trouble and repairs. The ford lasted 1.5 years until it "died". The jeep was a lease and I was happy to give it back - LOL

The honda and toyota lasted 5 years each with no major repairs.

The infiniti is new and no problems so far.

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I have a 2005 focus. I have never had any problems. Gas mileage is great, air conditioner is great, never had any of those problems mentioned before. My particular model was the best one at the time though. You step on the gas... you go!!! car will run basically on fumes (i am not always the best at filling it on time) and even without taking perfect care of it (meaning oil changes and such) the car still is great. I am sure if I took proper care of it, it would be a dream.

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