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Regarding Children Having The Saliva Test

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Earlier today, I noticed that someone had answered one of my posts on the board and asked me if it was appropriate for children to be tested for celiac via saliva, if it was covered by insurance, and what the cost was. I must say that because I am in such a brain fog and in so much pain, having had a daily headache for the last YEAR, that I am overwhelmed on the board and keep losing my place. I just can't find that message so I will respond here and pray that the person who requested the info reads this.

Sure, I don't see any reason why kids can't have the saliva test. It's just a matter of putting a little thing in the child's mouth, rolling it around for 60 seconds and making it wet enough to collect saliva. Should be quite a simple procedure.

My insurance did not cover it but it is quite cheap -- $27 US and I'm in Canada. I think you could call the laboratory directly. They're called Diagnos-Techs, Inc. and they're located in Kent, Washington state. Phone number 425 -251 -0596. Ask if you need a doctor's requisition and if so, present the info to your doctor. Fingers crossed for you :-)

Hope that helps :-)


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