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Just Had Colonoscopy

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and endoscopy. It was was so much easier than i really anticipated. my stomach pain and the runs were worse than any of the cleansing i had to do. the stuff tasted bad, i threw up one cup of it but really it was because i drank too much all at once. tried to finish a quart in one sitting. (note: don't do this). but any discomfort in the bowels was not a lot because of how bad my stomach has gotten.

the actual procedure, i don't remember a bit of it. .. i woke up a couple of times, ... saw the TV screen, thought i saw a rushing green river lol.. wow i thought, "how very strange that is. is that my penicillian i just had an hour ago?" then i woke up again, "something is moving in my stomach??!"

he said to me afterwards, i didn't see anything in your colon that looked outwardly damaged, so that's good. I took biopsies. then he saw polyps in my stomach, abuot 3 of them. they were removed and i have a follow to disucss those. i also have diverticulitis.

he still believe's i have celiac. I need to stay gluten free. I wonder if the diverticulitis could cause all those terrible bowel problems and the polyps the stomach pain? maybe i don't have celiac? he didn't see any damage in the colon, but is it possible the biopsy will say there is somethign there that he couldn't see with the naked eye? i am at a point where i'm still hoping he'll say "oh, whoops. guess you dont' have it after all. hehe, sorry."

i could hope the polys were the problem.

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