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Need To Vent

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Boy I'll tell you that this is soooooooooooo very frustrating. I have it and I'm sure my husbands tempermental attutude comes from the frustration he feels after years and years of me being sick and now he just thinks that I'm going to be "cured" just like that. I think it can be almost as hard for spouces to deal with then those of us who have it. My problem is that I have to clean up all the breadcrumbs and everthing left behind by hubby and my kids and hubby doesn't quite understand why I don't even want to handle anything with gluten in it. All I can say is try really hard to get through it and just hope that he gets better sooner then later.

Good Luck!!

Sometimes I wonder if it's just easier to wear a "haz-mat" suit around the crumbs! I am constantly cleaning up after myself (but I don't have too much gluten stuff in house as I used to). Since I started eating gluten-free cereal at breakfast I don't worry about cereal flying out of the box when I pour it.

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