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And btw, does celiac contribute to depression or anything? Or is it just, since our bodies are so miserable, naturally, we sort of become so as well? I've never been diagnoses as depressed (...never went in to check ;) )...but I'm definetly not a generally 'cheery' person or...something. I'd even say I'm pretty irritable most of the time. All jaded and morose and TIRED, and I'm not even that old yet! Lol. Obviously 'life' contributes to all that too but...I'm just wondering if any of you notice a correlation there too, with the gluten-intolerance thing. It seems hinted that some do. Again, it's worth a shot!

Yes, my husband had severe depression which lifted when he went gluten-free. Gastro even mentioned that this was where most of the depression was coming from. Gluten will affect brain chemistry.

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I have Celiac, and having  a little bit once in awhile does not make me sicker.   What makes me sicker is having several things at one sitting.  Sometimes it's like I don't even have Celiac Disease after cheating, but it catches up with me for sure.  There is great pasta, soft bread and pizza that is gluten-free, so don't be scared about trying a gluten free diet.  It just takes a lot of will power for me with a family and friends that are not.  

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