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Fever Reaction Poll

Fever Questions  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you (or your Child) Run a Fever at least 2 degrees above your normal temp after ingesting gluten?

    • No
    • Yes
  2. 2. Do you run a fever after ingesting other things?

    • Lactose

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    • Corn
    • Salactites
    • All Sugars - Fructose, sucrose, glucose, etc...
    • Soy
    • Nuts
    • Other

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No one can explain my fever after sugars or gluten problem in the medical field. Just wondering how common this is. Seems to be an auto-immune response but the MDs make it sound like it can't be true. Tired of being the crazy fever lady.


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12/06 Tested (-) for Celiac after 2 - 3 months Gluten Free

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I voted no for child because my kids are not gluten intolerant.


gluten-free since July 2004

Other Intolerances:

Strawberries and Banannas (2007)

Nitrates (April 2006)

Yeast (which includes all vinegar so no condiments) (Oct. 2004)

Peanuts (Nov. 2004)

Soy (Oct. 2004)

Almonds (Sept. 2004)

Corn (Sept. 2004)

Lactose/Casein (1999)

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I'm intolerant to everything on your list....but as far as I know I dont get any fevers from eating them.


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I know I feel flushed and very thirsty after ingesting gluten, but I've never tried taking my temp

Courtney - 25

Columbia, SC

Gluten-free since July 8, 2006

Casein-free since October 16, 2006

Went six weeks, and fell back into a deliciously painful world of cheese.

Casein-free (again and for serious this time) December 11, 2006

Stupid cheese addiction....2/07

Dx Hypothyroid in 1993

Dx Gluten & Casein Sensitive through Enterolab 10/06

Dx Adrenal *Exhaustion* 2/07

Originally from WI, I am still in denial over my newfound casein intolerance. I fear I will not be allowed back into the state if I can no longer eat cheese and drink milk. This could pose some trouble over holidays when I wish to visit my family. It also poses a problem involving the severe rage I feel when I have to throw away somebody's unfinished cheese sticks. That is so wrong.

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