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gluten-free Flours That Make You Sick....

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Okay I lost my last board message... But I do have a question.... how to make a better tasting flour mixture... I am guessing that it is a personal taste...... BUT

OH GOD I feel like throwing up. I made the land of lakes sugar cookies for gluten free .. using bobs mill. and the xanthum gum.... tasted the dough .... I have this after taste..... what is it.... It is so gross. god what an awful taste.... uck uck uck .... its like I want to brush my tongue off with sandpaper.

So whats a almost normal tasting mixture. Bobs seem so gross. or is it the xanthum gum giving it that funky taste. I am thinking its the bean ....... whats everyones educated guess....

its got potato starch ... flava bean garbonzo bean.. sorghum flour.... tapioca flour... uck.

So ... back to the drawing board.

Whats the vote....

Go back to the store and get a new brand kinikinnick ... enr-g

Find a new formulation that I make on my own.. ( okay some one here's recipie)

sit an cry. ) lol I have allready done that ....

I use Kinikinnick all purpose baking mix for almost all of my cookies. It may be expensive but it doesn't have the discusting taste/and smell you are talking about that comes from the bean flour. I also found that with the all purpose baking mix I don't need to add Xanthan gum. Have you tried any recipes from Robyn Ryberg's cook book? She doesn't use any rice or bean flour, only potato starch and corn starch - I love that cook book! Sometimes everything tastes like a hungry jack biscut, but much better than tasting like beans!!

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So I am not loosing my mind and everyone hates the taste. :(

I am getting the kinniknick flour..... that is it... I wil throw the other ( ucky flour) in the trash shhhhh I dont want my husband to know.... he will be mad..) $$$$. But to go throught what I went through to get that awful taste..out of my mouth.....all the m&ms sacrficed..... and all that french bottled water.... a stiff wiskey was the next plan ..but thank god for M&ms. Yeah i know the bean combo is better for you..... Yes that is in the back of my mind... But god.... that stuff taste bad. Do you think that they know that it tastes .. ah differnt. ( bobs red mill)...oh well ... I am not messing around ... any more.

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