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About Wine In Restaurants

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Last night I dinned out at the country club my boyfriend belongs to. I spoke with the manager about requesting a gluten free meal. The manager said this was a common request and assured my that he would talk to the chef and make sure everything was fine. The menu was rather complex in that you really couldnt figure out what would be the safest because everything was made with sauces and other gourmet stuff. He told me that anything I chose the chef would be able to make gluten-free. I ordered chicken stuffed with crab meat and spinach. With this I also had a glass of red wine. I havent had red wine in months because when I first went gluten free I couldnt hold it down, I would throw it up. I figured since Im stronger now I could add some red wine with my dinner.

After we went home, I felt a little nauseas, and had a slight headach. Also, another strange symptom. I had a lack of sensation during sex with my B, pretty much no sensation at all. The next morning when I woke I felt heavy and weak all over, a little dizzy, over all I feel out of it.

I feel that this is a reaction from the wine. Ive reacted to it before, Im hoping I didnt get glutened but I think that the symptoms of a glutening are a little different for me. I usually get a delayed reaction.

What is it in wine that causes this kind of reaction. Is it the sulfites?

Does anyone else have problems with red wine, if so what else do you drink when your out dinning?

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