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Dairy What Next ?

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Hello , I was just saying how I switched to lactose free milk, and it seemed to work, well I just finished tacos with sour cream, organic white cheese and meat, and a glass of milk.

I feel like crap, :angry: my stomach is bloated and feels yukky !!! I don't think I ate to much, oh ya I also had refried beans.

Thanks for letting me vent. I am just mad at my self, and I am not sure what caused it ? :unsure:

I am not sure what caesin is ? Is it in all dairy ? I will google it in a minute. I never had this probably after eating tacos. I don't usually drink alot of milk only a bit in coffee in morning. OJ or kiwi strawberry (Hansens). I will cut out milk altogether except in my one or two cups of coffee.

I thought I was doing good, Ha Ha !!

I be tougher on my eating and drinking of things, back to my food dairy.

Thanks for letting me vent again!!!

Diagnosed Celiac Sprue Disease August, 02, 2006

Blood test, No Biopsy

IgA off the scale 44 now 3

IgG 56

(tTG) IgA 25 now 2

(tTG) IgG 1 now 1

now border line low iron 10

Gluten Free since August, 02, 2007

Diagnosed with Osteoporosis November 2006

As of Jan 2007 all numbers looking good

As of Feb 2007 no more Pork, having Allergic reactions

Lactose Intolerence

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Keeping a food diary is a good idea. Beans affect me in a very negative way. :blink: Dairy affects many people in the beginning. The part of the villi that digest the dairy is one of the first places to be affected by celiac. So, if it's a lactose intolerance, there's a good chance it will go away. If it's casein, it will not go away.

Edit, I just reread your post ... casein is the protein in milk. If you're intolerant to it, you need to use something else in your coffee to test it. It's like gluten, a little bit causes the immune response. Let's hope it's just the lactose bothering you. BTW, casein is in "non-dairy" creamers, too. You can use soy creamer as long as soy doesn't bother you. Don't put it in while your coffee is steaming hot though because it burns and gets a funny taste.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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