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Questions On Dh Biopsy/blood Test

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Decided to do a Gluten challenge with my family and myself and get some more testing done, now after a week I have blisters on my fingers. The area tingles and itches like crazy. I had this happen to me about 8 years ago - these blisters spread all over my fingers on both hands and they lasted for about 5 weeks. Soooo, If this sounds like DH, then what does it cost to get a biopsy done? What is the blood test called that is done? Is the blood test expensive?


-Anti Gliadin Ab IgG 39 Spring 2006, positive improvement to gluten-free diet, past possible symptoms of thyroid, miscariges, heart palpitations

-Enterolab results Anti-gliadin 8, Tissue transglut 5, Genes 2,7

-husband genes 8,6

-Son age 11 postive enterolab results, high Gliadin AB IgG. Encopresis (soiling) Genes 2,8

-Daughter age 3 Chronic Constipation, eczema, clears up on gluten-free.

-Three children no symptoms, not tested

-Mother positive in Tissue Transglut Antibody, IgA Fall 2006

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