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Chili Recipe (super Easy And Healthy)

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my super easy, low-fat, gluten free chili recipe. In winter I tend to make this once a week and am happy that I can still have it since going gluten free.

1 lb. ground Turkey (Brown it)

Then add:

1 lg. can of Whole Tomatoes (cut them into smaller pieces)

1 can of Kidney Beans

1 Onion

1 TSP of Chili Powder (or more depending on how you like your spice!)

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Simmer for one hour, and enjoy.

You can add bacon for more flavor, and I always have dried onions around so if I don't have any fresh onion I just throw in some dried onion while browning my meat.

You can also use ground beef, or cooked/chopped chicken.

Sometimes I double it, or even triple the recipe if I need more.

I learned to eat chili with elbo macaroni.... so try it on your favorite gluten free pasta

Or... you can grab some corn tortilla. This is easy to take to work for lunch when you have leftovers too.

Or how about some gluten free corn bread? Yum


Gluten Free since November 2006

Lactose Intolerant since 1980

100% Lactose Free since May 2006

Caffeine Free since August 2007

Hashimoto's Disease

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