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Going To The Gi, What Tests To Ask For

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I have an appointment with my first GI in a few weeks. The tests that I have had so far are:

Full blood count-normal


fecal tests-normal

CT-small diverticuli but other than that-clean as a whistle

MRI-small kdiney lesion and lower L-4-L-5 protrusion in spine

HLA B27-positive

What else can he test me for? Is it worth while to be tested for mineral and vitamin levels as I feel weak. Since being gluten-free for almost 8 weeks, the awful yellow D has stopped. My BMs are becoming normal which I have never had in my life. It has either always been C or D. I still have brain fog and just feel like crap. I want to get the full work up while there so what are your suggestions for testing? Is there a blood test to check for malabsorbtion? What questions should I ask him? What should I let him know. Thanks everyone!!!!!

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