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Busch Gardens-tampa... Not So Celiac Friendly

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Hi, I just want to share with you some information...

Last week we went to Busch gardens in Tampa, florida. I was expecting somthing real "celiac friendly" like in Disney, since this one is a huge theme park also, but It was very different...

First we carry our own cooler . they give you big flyers that say to dont bring food to the park, I was ready to tell them that we needed the special food, etc, etc, luckily here there was no problem whit that and nobody ask me NOTHING about the cooler!

then we went to the guest services and we ask for a list of the gluten free restaurants/foods, since they dont have special info on internet.

most of the people didnt know what gluten was.

they give me a small paper with very little choices (hamburguer patty, fresh fruits, turkey leg)

we have for lucnh the turkey leg (we ask them to dont put the fries that they give you on the side and to be carfull with the handling as well).

The thing is... my son usually make 1 number 2 a day in the morning , that they in the evening he made 3 more.... (that what hapens to him when he got glutened!)

so if you go i suggest, just carry you own food with you!


Abigail, mom of Brian (36 months and Celiac since oct 2006), and Alan (9 month and Didnt try any gluten yet...)

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