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Hi all,

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of it but there is a new search engine called ChaCha. It works like Yahoo, Google with one exception, you may choose to do a search with a live guide. I saw a blurb on Good Morning America about it and decided to check it out. I am a guide for ChaCha and I have a few invitations for anyone who may be interested in becoming a guide. Just a few disclaimers...

First, you will not make a million dollars doing this, but it sure is a fun way to have some extra cash in your pocket. I like it because I can jump on the computer in the morning in my pj's and do it while I"m drinking my coffee or whenever I have a little extra time.

Second, you need to have a good sense of humor. There are plenty of pranksters out there, I try to just have fun with it. The nice thing is there are measures in place if you feel someone has become offensive to just cut them off.

In any event, PM me or shoot me an email at almostnrn@yahoo.com if you are interested!


Diagnosed by biopsy with DH August 2005

Diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism December 2005

Diagnosed by biopsy with Celiac July 2006

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