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Yo Yo Effect From Gluten

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I'm wondering how many others get a sort of yo yo effect from gluten.

Within 2 hours after eating it, I feel like hell. This lasts about 24 hours, then I start to feel better.

When I feel better, I feel REALLY GOOD by comparision...not manic or anything, but really UP.

So eating gluten makes me feel DOWN, stopping makes me feel UP.

Anyone else?

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Gastro symptoms

Positive Dietary Response

Enterolab Antigliadin IgA positive 12/06

Transglutaminase IgA Positive

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Gluten Intolerant...Likely non Celiac

Western Oregon (Or-ee-gun) US

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Happening to me too!!!!

I don't always know the source of glutening, but I do feel okay at first, then REALLY tired, really down.

But after I really clear it out of my system I feel GREAT...could do anything....without even napping.

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