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Sunflower Seed

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I want to eat Sun Flower seeds, but all I have ever seen are the ones that has been "processed" some with salt or what ever.

I am not sure what to do..or what to get? Do I have to roast some myself or..? :blink: I am a weirdo when it comes to cooking and stuff so this might be a stupid question for some. I wanna have natural ones kinda, possibly organic if there are any.

(The one good thing that came out of this all is that I have learnt to cook some. :P Working progress. )

Thanks for any reply. :)

One Celiac gene and one gluten intolerance gene (HLA-DQ 2,1).

Grain free, casein free, soy/legume free + a bunch of allergies I have had since I was a child (stone fruits, nuts..carrots)

Following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but no nuts, legumes or casein.

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